Hunting Season

The Zambian hunting season runs from the beginning of May to the end of November. This is mostly the dry season in Zambia. Temperatures vary during the dry season from mild to very hot and in June, July and August the Kafue experiences cool to cold mornings and evenings.
We do however consider May through to end of September to be our prime hunting months. Although October has good hunting, the temperatures can be very high and in November there is a chance of rain.


An anti-malarial course should be taken three weeks prior to arrival in Zambia and terminated six weeks after your return. We suggest that you consult your doctor regarding the prophylactics required. Please ensure that we are informed before your arrival about any health or dietary needs. It is highly recommended that all clients have an international travel and health insurance which would include evacuation out of the safari area and Zambia should an emergency situation arise.


*We recommend that all clients bring a minimum caliber of .375 or more for larger dangerous game (buffalo and Lion) and a 300 Win Mag. or similar caliber rifle for Leopard and plains game species. A good quality variable scope preferably with red dot illumination is recommended for rifles – especially where cats will be hunted in low light conditions.
*Importation of ammunition into Zambia is regulated to 100 rounds per rifle and 200 rounds per shotgun. Please note that a non – refundable Excise Duty is payable on all ammunition being brought into Zambia.
*Firearm import permits must be obtained before your arrival. Our company offices handle these applications and it is imperative to ensure we are supplied well in advance of the correct make and serial numbers of the rifles you will be using. Errors on the firearm permit will lead to refusal of temporary import of firearms by the Zambian Authorities. The amount of ammunition stipulated on the permit may not be varied once the license is issued.

Bookings & Payments

*A deposit of 50% of the total daily fees is required to confirm your hunt. The balance of the daily rate should be received at least 30 days prior to the commencement date of the hunt.
*Deposits for cancelled hunts are liable for forfeiture if the hunt cannot be re-booked.
*All trophy fees and additional costs are payable on completion of the Safari
*PLEASE NOTE: Only US$ cash is accepted for payments due at the conclusion of the hunt. Telegraphic transfers can be made prior to the start of the hunt to pre-pay trophy fees and extras. This will avoid travelling with large sums of cash.
*Bank charges on all telegraphic transfer shall be for the client’s account.
*All charges quoted are subject to change.
*Please note that travel days used for movement between hunting areas are counted as hunting days and that any client accommodation required in Lusaka during the safari will be for the client’s account.